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Winter in Wellington

When I applied for AIESEC New Zealand Member Committee I thought that New Zealand is a tropical country in the north of Australia, somewhere in Pacific. Apparently I am not really good at geography as I thought Cambodia is in Africa, Sri Lanka in Asia. Hang on, it’s in Asia. I’m confused again.

Anyway when I arrived in New Zealand in the end of August, it was autumn and pretty cold. I was very disappointed as I was expecting the 4 seasons to be sunny and tropical but it was time to face reality. Luckily November, December and January is summer but it's always windy in Wellington. In the southern hemisphere, seasons are exactly opposite of the northern hemisphere and winter has already started in New Zealand. The average temperature is around 10 degrees on May and getting colder.

The biggest problem is not temperature. Istanbul is much colder than Wellington in the winter but New Zealanders haven’t heard about the word “Insulation” in the buildings. It’s very difficult to see a house with double glasses and the worst is there is no central heating system in the houses. It’s usually possible to feel Wellington’s blowing wind inside of the house.

If anyone wants to come to New Zealand choose cities in the North like Auckland or come here in summer while everybody is freezing in northern hemisphere.

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