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Burger Fuel

Burger Fuel is New Zealand owned fast food restaurants chain. Burger Fuel is unique and special like all the Kiwi brands.Their brand promise is making gourmet burgers. How McDonald's promise us to provide fastest food, Burger King promises customisable burgers Burger Fuel promises us to create ultimate experience in gourmet burgers.

First time, I ate Burger Fuel in Queen Street of Auckland. Since then Burger Fuel is one of the reason that I love New Zealand. It's very difficult to explain a burger experience. So, you better try.

When you enter the store you can see purple theme while smelling unique Burger Fuel atmosphere. After ordering our burgers (My preference is Bambina Combo) they start to prepare. Yes, they are cooking our meal while we are waiting. Maybe that's the reason of this awesome taste.

They are environmentally friendly in addition to their ultimate gourmet burgers. They even looked at potato chip cups made out of potatoes, but potatoes served in potatoes seemed like some sort of weird tuber incest, says their annual report.

Burger Fuel is expending to other countries as well as different cities in New Zealand. Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain expansions are also showed as reason of 710.000$.

Maybe, I'm obsess with Burger Fuel but Kiwi made ultimate gourmet burgers made me. Wish to see Burger Fuel all around the world.

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