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Orca Rescue

I love how people in New Zealand love nature and everything in nature. It’s hard to understand how someone can ignore peoples lives while someone is trying to save animals.
65 miners had died in the last 3 months in Turkey and our Prime minister declared that; it’s the fate of this occupation. However aerating and early warning systems coast roughly 250.000€. That can reduce accidents by 95%. So, it shouldn’t be fate to invest for labour safety. While we were talking about our miners fate some other people were trying to change fate.

Orcas known as killer whales are one of the whale species that lives in New Zealand. Even though they known as killer whales they are not considered a threat to humans. As they are Besiktas supporters with white spots on their black body they look more sympathetic to me. There is an orca research in Northland, New Zealand that we can visit on

This orca was chasing something, gone to beach and was stranded over there. Fortunately Dr. Ingrid Wisser who is an orca researcher and her team tried to help this orca to meet his family again. Obviously it’s not easy to save a 6 tons whale struggling go back to ocean again but the result is amazing.

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