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Destination North Korea

North Korea is one of the most interesting place in earth for lot’s of people as nobody knows what is in. The last Stalinist country is very mysterious place. While I was researching about it I had feeling to read George Orwel’s 1984′s again.

Korea was divided into Soviet and American occupied zones in 1945, following the end of World War II. Even though North and South Korea speak same language they have very different management style and lives in their countries. Regardless South Korea is 15th biggest economy North Korea economy is completely nationalized. North Korea led by dictator Jong-il since the 1994 death of his father, founding leader Kim Il-sung.

Some facts about North Korea

North Korea is one of the 5 states that managed by communist parties beside China, Cuba, Vietnam and Laos.
Full name is Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea(DPRK). DPRK is a democratic republic and “Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland” was voted 99,98% in last elections.
North Korean citizens can not freely travel around the country or go abroad.The only way to go abroad is escape from country.
Ordinary citizens do not have private telephone lines and internet connection. The only way to get information is watching the only TV channel that own by government.
Economy is completely nationalized, which means that food rations, housing, healthcare, and education is offered from the state for free. The payment of taxes has been abolished since 1974 but 3 million people die hunger related illness between 1995-1998
Military gets over a third of the state budget.
20% of men aged 17–54 in the regular armed forces
It’s almost impossible to obtain a visa for US, Japan and S.Korea citizen.
North Korea claims to have an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction and possess nuclear weapons. North Korea also conduct uranium enrichment program.
World larges stadium is “Rungrado May Day Stadium” in the capital city Pyongyang with 150.000 seats capacity used for “Mass Gymnastic Arirang”
Almost all the statistics and informations are top secret in case enemy powers can capture these informations
According to “Official Webpage of DPRK” Korean Friendship Association and International Korean Business Centre are organizing tours in the certain times of the year.

Forexample Korean Friendship Association (KFA) organizes a trip to the DPR of Korea (North Korea) from 7th October to 16th October 2010 on the special occasion of the Anniversary of the Worker’s Party of Korea where special activities will be on display, including Mass Gymnastics show ARIRANG with more than 100.000 performers. All passports are invited to apply except Republic of Korea (South Korea) and Japan due to special protocol in bilateral relations.

The number of visitors is limited to 2o person each tour and price is 1850€ for KFA Card holder that coast 50€. Price include 1 night in a 3 stars hotel in Beijing, 9 nights in a 3 stars hotel in North Korea. It also include North Korea tour with a guide. (As we can’t travel by ourselves in the state following guide is mandatory)

It looks very attractive tour. I want to discover North Korea so bad. Who want to join?

You can watch the video about North Korea here

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