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Air NZ is awesome again

Air New Zealand is keep doing great things to make people watch their safety instructions. While they are collecting attention to safety they are positioning their selves as a safe airline company and advertising new aircrafts. This should be the win-win relationship.

After Nothing to Hide and Air New Zealand is Crazy about Rugby concepted Safety Instructions they created their new Safety Instruction as a part of their new marketing campaign.
I wish other companies could create that cool marketing campaigns. Congrats Air New Zealand.

I loved their new character Rico. Rico was created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop that is the designer of world's best known puppet characters including Elmo from "Sesame Street," Miss Piggy from "The Muppet Show," We got used to his pronunciation mistakes but this time, in the end of video he reminded me a deaf Turkish movie character Adile Naşit =)

I think your music is too loud
Yes, yes. My parents are very proud =)

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