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Turkish Airlines feels devotion

I posted a lot about Air New Zealand but I love Turkish Airlines too.

Turkish Airlines has been very politicised last 10 years as we can quickly remember them sacrificing camels in the airport. There were a lot of bad news hanging around about Turkish Airlines. Especially after the crash in the Netherlands General Manager of Turkish Airlines couldn't manage the case at all.

Brand was damaged very badly. So, Turkish Airlines needed to create an PR plan instead of just advertisement campaign to re-built the brand.
After these crises Turkish Airlines followed a really good strategy. They used International Awards and sponsorships to re-build a strong brand for around European Airline companies. That's how they created their marketing campaigns.

For the Economy Class Passengers; they used international awards such as “World's Best Economy Class Onboard Catering at 2010 World Airline Awards”

For the Business Class Passengers; Turkish Airlines became the sponsor of the best football teams in the world and carry them to international games. Who doesn't want to fly on the same seat with Wayne Rooney or Lionel Messi =)

Manchester Utd, Barcelona and Turkish National Basketball Team the silver medal winner of 2010 World Basketball Championship was supported by Turkish Airlines.

But, in the end , the best sponsorship deal was made with Euroleague. Turkish Airlines became the name sponsor of Turkish Airlines Euroleague. This is a very extensive agreement. Euroleague even changed their logo and make it more adaptable to Turkish Airlines Logo.

They work with really good agencies but I'm wondering if I'm the only one who thinks their slogan is kinda lame.

We are Turkish Airlines
We are globally yours

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