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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part1

If Can didn't force me to watch the movie I was going to stay at home whole night, spending hours on the computer but thank cousin to took me out to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Facts about the movie
  • It was the beginning of everything. So, anyone who didn't read the book, wouldn't like the movie. At least you should be a HP fan to like it. I'm sure the second movie will be way better
  • Noone can tell me that Harry Potter is a child movie anymore. It's one of the darkest movie that I've ever seen
  • We liked the idea of splitting the book into 2 movies. Otherwise even 3 hours movie wouldn't be enough
  • We questioned why Peter Jackson didn't film "Return of the King" in 2 parts
  • I was very emo after finish reading the book. I might even cry after the last movie
  • I realized the last movie that I watched on the cinema was "Alice in Wonderland". I'm getting used to English movies and British accent
  • Unfortunately there is no 3D IMax English version in Turkey. It's even hard to find a original language version in Istanbul
  • I found out cinemas are getting more comfortable in Istanbul. I didn't even feel claustrophobic.

Last comment is about miss Harmione Granger. I mean Emma Watson. When she started to act in Harry Potter movies, she was a 11 years old child. After 6 movies in 9 years she is a 20 years old hot actress and model now. What a big change.

She is nominated for a People's Choice Award in the Favourite Movie Star Under 25 Category. Let's vote for her

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