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House M.D

House is my favourite TV show nowadays. I'm ridiculously addicted to watching House MD almost all the day. I'm currently watching Season 4 out of 7 seasons of House MD.

It's difficult to explain what cause addiction to House. Each episode has its own case and Dr. House and his team try to diagnose these cases. He is a narcissist, cripple, atheist doctor who is the best in his field. He doesn't talk to his patients, he humiliate people, he believes "Everybody lies"
Dr. House is not approaching cases in a normal way. He sometimes stop hearts or inject viruses to his patients in order to understand what's wrong with them.These specialities makes him cool.

I even started learning a lot about Medicine. Sometimes it's scary to see how the different, simple symptoms can cause very complicated sicknesses. I don't want to end up like a crazy person who is obsessed about sicknesses

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