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Fall Colors

The spring used to be my favourite season until I realized that I get hay fever every spring. I can't enjoy spring as much as I used to. For me, spring means sneezing, runny nose and pain in the eyes!. Maybe that's why I am trying to like autumn.

Autumn is a fall on earth. It reminds me decease. I don't know if it's a coincidence that people I loved died in the fall. People are getting sick around me. It's a divorce season. Even the leaves brake up with their lovely bodies until spring. I like the sound when I step on a leaf tho=)

In the other hand fall is the season of change. We change our clothes in the wardrobe, start wearing jumpers and scarves. People start to go out with their umbrellas. New semesters in the school. Autumn has a special magic and its color.

I saw an awesome photo album on National Geographic called Fall Colors. I loved it. Please check it out. You might even fall in love with fall after these photos.

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