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Platform 9 - 3/4

Harry Potter is one of the best book series that has ever been published. Beside the books Harry Potter films are the highest grossing film series of all time.
A wizard story Harry Potter made its writer J.K. Rowling the 12th richest woman in the world. If we consider that she started to write Harry Potter in a cafe to not spend electricity, it's one of the biggest success stories in the world.

The Harry Potter series brought a lot of new products inside of its culture. One of them is Platform 9 - 3/4..
As we remember in the first book Harry passed through platform 9 - 3/4 in order to go to Hogwarts with Mrs. Weasley's help. I was always wondering if there is really Platform 9 - 3/4 in any train station.
Wellington Railway Station is hosting Platform 9 - 3/4 as a Dry Cleaner. We can't really go through this platform to get Hogwarts but they can magically clean our clothes.

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