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Champion Lakers

LA Lakers is the Champion of the NBA Finals. I was able to watch the Final game of NBA Finals in the daytime through the geographical advantage of New Zealand.

I haven't had any favourite teams in NBA after Utah Jazz's legend team with Karl Malone and John Stockton in the late 1990s. Then, I supported Sacramento, Orlando when Hedo was playing there and supported Detroit when Memo got the ring in 2004 but till the 2010 Finals I didn't have any idea which team I was going to support in the finals this year.

It was the 2nd game of the 2010 finals when I watched an NBA game again after a long time. In the beginning of the game I decided to support Celtics without any reason and was amazed with Rajon Rondo's Triple Double performance.
Today, 4 Kings Pub was hosting the 7th game of 2010 Finals and Celtics was giving 3.50 return to my bet. After I bet 10$ to Celtics, this final game became more exciting for me.

I was having a hard attack while watching the game, especially in the 4th quarter..
Celtics was leading the game in the first half. Especially Ray Allen didn't give any change to Kobe Bryant and the Celtics was shooting with 40.8%. Even if the Lakers played with 32.5% shooting their 23 offensive rebounds against to Boston's 8 rebounds made the difference.

Lakers showed us how to be a champion even if your star is not performing well. When Kobe was locked by Ray Allen we saw that Ron Artest, Pau Gasol, and D.Fisher took responsibility and brought the ring to Los Angeles.

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