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New Era for Operating Systems

If we evaluate operating systems, 2 operating systems created the biggest change in information technologies, and the 3rd one is on the way.

Windows 95 was the biggest evolution for the operating systems history when it was created in 1995 after Windows 3.1. Windows 95 was an operating environment that sits over DOS operating system. The basic elements of the interface introduced in Windows 95 including the taskbar, start button and menu and the Windows Explorer file manager, fundamentally hasn't changed for more than 15 years.

Windows XP was the first successful new NT generation OS which means an OS wasn't a DOS base. It also brought a lot of new features such as auto driver recognition, new editions of Windows Media Player and IE and of course better user-friendly interface.

After Windows XP, Microsoft launched other OS's such as Vista and Windows 7 but none of them created a major change in OS's.

While Microsoft was developing its products, slowly a new technology giant started to take over Microsoft in many areas. Yes, Google... Google started as a Search Engine but after that its products became indispensable in our lives. I don't know any internet user who doesn't use at least 3 of these following products GMail, Gtalk, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Books, Blogger, Google Buzz, Picasa, Google Calendar, Google Wave, Chrome Web Browser and Youtube. We even have a new word as "Googling"

Now, Google is introducing new Operating System Chome OS in the 2nd half of 2010.

The Chrome Web Browser was a signal that the new OS is coming up and Google introduce Google Chrome on July 2009. Chrome will be an open source operating system which means that it's free. We can foresee that Microsoft's products market share will go down and Microsoft has to challange themselves to develop better and cheaper operating systems.

Let's watch what Google Chrome OS is.

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