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The longest tennis match ever

One of the 4 Grand Slam tournaments Wimbledon has just started. Even though I'm not a great tennis follower I really like Wimbledon Championship and at least try to watch some games as well as following results every year.
This amazing tournament is very special and has different meanings for a lot of tennis fans. Wimbledon is the oldest and generally considered the most prestigious tennis tournament. It took its name from Wimbledon suburb of London. Organizing committee is very strict about the Wimbledon culture. Every player has to wear white during Wimbledon tennis championship. Wimbledon culture was against to building a roof to "Centre Court" for a long time but they had to accept how ridiculous is continuing games 3 or 4 days because of London's weather.
It's the only grass court Grand Slam tournament. Grass courts style is mostly serving, volleying as its the fastest and the lowest bouncing court. So, this reasons didn't allow some of the tennis stars to win the title. If we look up last years Federer won the title 6 times in 7 years with his Wimbledon type style.

This year Wimbledon started with a surprise. The longest professional tennis match in all times played in the 1st tour of Wimbledon between American John Isner and French Nicolas Mahut. The game last 3 days and totally 11 hours 5 minutes.
This famous games tie-breaker set 70-68. In the 2nd day of the game when score was 59-59 referee suspended game cause of darkness. This tennis match made Isner and Mahut famous. I'm wondering if we will see any of them in the Wimbledon final again...

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