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Feeding reindeer

It's difficult to play with animals other than some pets as dogs or cats if you live in a big city. For example I haven't seen a donkey since I went to my grandfather's village last time, about 5 years ago.. I haven't even seen a deer in my life. Maybe that's why Staglands is an amazing place to visit for me.

Staglands wild reserve is about 1 hour drive away from Wellington city. It's a huge wildlife park that allows us to interact animals while they are freely roaming around. This park is a good alternative to the zoo as the animals are not behind cage.

It's possible to spend whole day in this beautiful place with peacocks, sheep,donkeys, deer etc.

After we entered Staglands 2 peacocks welcomed us by making us give some them food from the food bags that we bought in the entrance. These peacocks were really friendly and were not worried to eat from our hands. One of them loved us especially. After it followed us for 10 minutes and occasionally kept eating food from our hands it deserved to be named "pety". I'm wondering if it really liked us or if it was just trying to get more food. Anyway, love our paty. When we opened the cage to see native parrots and New Zealand's native birds we had to say bye to pety.

There are huge cages for keeping birds but I didn't feel that cages disturb birds as they can freely fly in it. We like the colourful huge parrots best.

My favourite animals were reindeer and sheep. Especially the most friendly deer who was trying to attack our food bags to eat everything. It was my the first interaction with a deer but we got used to each other really quick with the help of the food bags that we were holding =)

Unfortunately we went to Staglands in a really bad weather. I wish I could go there again when the weather is sunny for a proper picnic. They even provides the BBQ's to cook our food if we want.

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