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Bungee Jumping

New Zealand is the best place in the world for the extreme sports. This 100% pure country provides so many different opportunities for people who are crazy about adrenalin. Caving, fly by wire, orienteering, rafting, rock climbing, scuba diving, surfing, swimming with dolphins, trekking, tramping, zorbing(It's an awesome Kiwi invention) and sky diving are just some of the activities can be done in New Zealand. But there is one activity that its name is scary enough for lots of people. It is bungee jumping.

Bungee Jumping, is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure like a platform by the cliff or a bridge or a tower while connected to just an elastic cord. The first modern Bungee jump were made from Clifton Suspension Bridge in Briston, England by Oxford Uni Dangerous Sports Club members. After the first bungee jump, A.J Hacket who is a crazy Kiwi entrepreneur developed super-stretchy elastic cords inspired by land diving which is a ritual in a tiny Pacific island Vanuatu. A.J Hacket demonstrated his invention while he was bungee jumping from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

This illegal bungee jump wasn't Hacket's last jump. He created the first commercial bungee in Queenstown, New Zealand and has been in the Guinness Records Book with lots of records including the world's first bungee off a building, off a helicopter, highest bungee jump etc.

After the first commercial bungee in Queenstown lots of Bungee Jumping platform opened in New Zealand. One of them is in Taupo.
As we can see from their website it's a 43m bungee jumping platform over the Waikato River. It allows us to reach up to 70km speed while falling.

I decided to bungee jump in our road trip to Hamilton. The first day took more time than we thought on the way, so we decided to stay in Taupo. It was a quick decision to bungee jump after we saw the discount voucher in the map that we were using for navigation but we had to be there before 11am. We packed up in 10min and reached Taupo Bungy before 11am. More than 1 hour long waiting has started for safety control and lineed up. It wasn't even scary while I was waiting but after the bungee operator put the bungee cord clips to my feet adrenalin started to pump every cells of my blood.

Just 5 seconds before I jumped, I realized how stupid and crazy this decision was. When I looked at the Waikato River, I wanted to say "I want to go back" but I knew that in this case they will just push me. I just remembered what Stephane said. Scream. So, there was nothing to do. 3,2,1 Bungee... Fuck....

This was the most amazing experience of my life. It was totally worth it. I absolutely suggest it.


  1. Evet, aynı yerden atlamışız Berk. Deneyim aynı ama ben senin kadar güler yüzlü değildim o vakit :)

  2. Bence harika birsey yapmissin. :)

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