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Fuck it

I started reading a book named "Fuck it". It is fun to carry a book in your hand at work written on "Fuck it". People don't judge you because it is rude. It is literature, what can I do? Fuck it man..

It is about this philosophy "Fuck it, just do whatever you makes you happy". Do not care what other people think, do not think about the consequences, try to relax and be happy.

I loved the part says fuck is a good word actually. It is the rude word for sex. People love sex. So, nothing wrong about saying Fuck it.

After I started reading the book and look at their website I can that it is like "Secret". Philosophy is great but do not try to read whole book in once. It is good to say "Fuck it" sometimes but this guy looks like trying to get money from this philosophy. Fuck it about loosing weight, eat "Fuck it" chocolates, come to our seminar or buy my book.

Fuck it man..

I like to show my colleague the cover page of the book when she get stressed during the day and it actually work. Just relax and remember nothing is more important than you. Fuck the rest

PS: I am reading the Turkish version of the book "S.ktir et"

PS 2: It is easy to say in English than my native language, don't know why =)


  1. Yigit Erdogan says:

    hahaha nice entry :)

  2. tam türkçe çevirisi "ko götüne" olurdu büyük ihtimalle

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