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Black Swan

I just wanted to watch Black Swan, because of its Golden Globe and potential Oscar nomination. To be honest trailer did not shock me. I even wanted to stop watching after the first 30 minutes. First part was very slow going but when the swan started to show her personality, her desire and perfectionism addiction, I didn't understand how the time past. I'm still listening the soundtracks and keep telling everyone to watch the movie.

Natalie Portman acted totally awesome. Even though I don't really understand this thing, I understood how she got the Golden Globe. The music was amazing

I'm not going to give spoiler about the movie. It is basically about this girl who always control herself, obsessed to be perfect.

Some quotes from the movie
The only person is standing in your way is you
We don't learn rules, just facts
Do minimal but intense work
It's movie that you should watch it in cinema. Otherwise, good sound system is must

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