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Chrome Notebook Test User

I knew that Google were going to award me to be so committed of its products. I've been using Google products since I had my first gMail account. gMail, Google Wave, Blogger, Google Calendar, Chrome etc.
I'm an ambitious Google user. I think, being a Google user, used to mean being against Windows monopoly. It might have changed recently but I'm still a Google user. Anyway, I was waiting for Chrome OS since they launched the project in 2009.

Then, I've received a mail from Google says :

You’re eligible to receive a free Chrome notebook


A while back, you signed up to receive news, updates, and launch information about Chrome and Chrome OS. We have good news: Chrome notebooks are here, and you’re eligible to receive one!

Chrome notebooks are for people who live on the web and want a faster, safer and more secure experience without all the headaches of ordinary computers.

To apply to get your Chrome notebook, please provide your US mailing address by clicking the link below no later than Friday, December 10, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST.

The Chrome team
First, I was indecisive if the mail is real or spam but the link that put was from Google server. So, it's real.

Apparently Google launched a pilot program to get feedbacks from real users about Chrome OS. That's why they created Chrome Notebooks and giving it to "qualified users".

Google thinks that I'm eligible to apply but unfortunately I'm not even eligible as I don't live in the States at the moment. Otherwise I'm totally qualified=) So, it's a total failure...

I couldn't request a Chrome notebook but it made me happy for a moment that Google sent me a mail =) It would have been really cool to be one of the first user of Chrome notebook.

This also means that we have to wait for Chrome OS until the second half of 2011 :(

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