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JK Rowling's Announcement

A viral campaign launched from Rowling. It was the perfect timing to announce the new book of J.K Rowling, when the last movie is coming up in less then 30 days.
We know that, after being one of the richest women of the world, JK Rowling will be getting richer with the fame she got from Harry Potter.

We have just seen the post in the official Harry Potter fan page on Facebook that says JK Rowling will be making an announcement.

We don't know what it this announcement about but we are 99% sure it will be about the new book that Rowling was studying on. My guess is the love story of James-Lily Potter. We will be able to see most of the carachters from Harry Potter series like Dumbledore, Snape even Voldemort.

This is the Youtube page that created for the Rowling's announcement. It is perfectly prepared that I haven't seen any similar of this before.

They have a mysterious website at the same time

We will wait and see...

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