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Destination Dubai 1

I went to Dubai due to a business trip last week. I've been in Dubai Airport before but this I had a chance to look around the city. What are my impressions?... Let's start...

Since arriving at the airport, magnificent architecture welcomes us with an Arabic vanity. Dubai Airport is major aviation hub in Middle East region. They are still expanding their terminals. It has free wireless that makes people happy=)

Everything is new and very structured in the city. As it's impossible to walk outside during day or night time, people spend most of their times in great shopping malls or anywhere has air-conditioning. Taxis are relatively cheap.

I visited The Dubai Mall which is the downstairs of Burj Khalifa and Mall of Emirates. It is not different or cheaper than the shopping malls in Turkey or anywhere except very interesting section in Mall of Emirates. They built a "Mountain" inside of the shopping mall with charlifts etc. called Ski Dubai with its -4C degrees temperature.

The power of the money is trying to force the limits of architecture with creating projects such as 7 Stars Hotel(It's technically not 7 starts, anyway), the highest building in the world, artificial islands, building a Ski center on a desert.

Dubai reminded me people who are proud of the big projects is being done in Istanbul such as Sapphire, Kanyon etc. This projects don't make Turkey, more developed country as we suppose. I had the feeling of we are trying to look like more Middle Eastern countries such as UAE, Qatar etc.

If you like luxury, modern architecture or shopping malls Dubai could be interesting but I wouldn't be sorry if I didn't visit it.

I will publish a couple more posts about my experiences there...

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