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Final Episode of "Lost"

We were lost for 6 years. I remember the first time that I watched Lost. It was at my cousins house when he offered us the new TV show. We watched 6 episodes in one night till 5 in the morning. I think it was the 2nd year of this TV show when I started. Then, lots of sleepless nights watching 4 -5 episodes in a row.
Questions made me watch Lost. Whenever I was thinking that I found an answer more questions came up.
I couldn't watch Lost when I was in New Zealand as we didn't have unlimited internet connection and none of my friends had it. So, I got the final season from my cousin who made me addicted to this island.

3 days ago, after I finished my exam I started to work really hard to finish the final season and yesterday I watched the final episode. I don't really understand the people who didn't like the final episode. I'm wondering what were they expecting in the end of this 6 years. What could it be? Obviously this imaginary island that has polar bears, immortal people and lots of miracles couldn't be explained in detail in a logical frame.

I really like the final episode. Hurley became the new protector of the island, one group of people including Kate, Sawyer and Claire could manage to get out of the island, Jin and Sun died together and Jack protected the island from the Man in the Black who formed as John Locke.

In the end in a different time, all characters remembered the time that they spent in the island. As Jack's father said, all of them died in a different time but finally met up together.
It was a classical happy ending scenario but to be honest noone could handle a bad end.

Obviously there are lots of questions that we don't know the answers yet. So, if ABC decide to make a movie we shouldn't be surprise.

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