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Goodbye the Youngest Country on Earth

Last week was full of the mixed feelings. If everything goes right, 4 nights in a row I will be sleeping different cities. After my last night in the MC flat yesterday, today I'm in a backpackers in Auckland. Tomorrow I'll be sleeping in a hotel in Korea and finally, the end of the marathon in my bed again.

I spent my last week with awesome people in Wellington. Thanks to all of them. Yes, I was always doing my lasts in Kiwiland.

I ate my last dinner in Lone Star. It's an amazing Kiwi restaurant. I was always searching for Kiwi food and found it in my last day. Anyway it's good to finish with Kiwi food instead of Asian or Turkish food. Even though I don't really eat pork loved ribs there. Jai and Charles accompanied Jaz and me there. We even celebrate my fake birthday and ate free desert.
Thanks Sri for giving me a Wellington Phoenix scarf. I can add one more part to my scarf collection. Also Sri became a Besiktas fan after I gave a Besiktas jersey to him.
Jaz and I spent most of our time touring around Wellington, trying to do stuff that we always wanted to do or we like. Wake up late, driving without directions, visiting Parliament building, fish and chips by the beach, picnic in Mount Vic ...
I ate my last Burger Fuel with Jaz, Anna and their cousin Jack.
Last time in Wellington airport today. Then, I'm in Auckland now, waiting for my flight tomorrow at 9am.
Thanks everyone who were part of my experience.

Goodbye the youngest country on earth, goodbye beautiful people...

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