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Destination South Korea

It hasn't been a long time after I wrote about North Korea and I had a chance to see South Korea while I was coming to Turkey on the way.
My flight with Korean Air stopped over South Korea and Korean Air provides 1 night accommodation in a hotel. It was the biggest incentive to choice Korean Air with the cheapest fare option among all airlines that fly to Turkey from New Zealand.

Korean Air is not the best airlines for long distance flights. At least both planes (Auckland - Seoul), (Seoul - Istanbul) that I took didn't have a screen in every seat that allows you watch movies or play games. Fortunately I bought an iPod just before I left Wellington from Cash Converter for NZD 120$ and I had something to entertain myself. Good shoot ha = ) Korean Air Cabin Crew is extremely helpful and nice. Food is ok.

After we landed in Seoul, I got my hotel voucher and meal vouchers from Korean Air information desk and headed to Hyatt Regency Incheon. I felt that I was in Asia when I went out the airport. I could feel the mixed of humidity, warm weather and smoking smell.

Incheon Airport is almost 1.5 hours away from Seoul city center. So, that's why the hotel was just 5 minutes away from airport but 1.5 hours far from Seoul city centre but anyway I wanted to go to Seoul city center to see around. I was in S.Korea first time and didn't want to miss this chance. However after I talked to lady in the reception I found out that cabs are the only way to get to the city center and takes about USD100$ one way. For this reason Korean Air tours was the only chance to visit the city center.

There were a couple of options to visit in Incheon city, Seoul city tour options takes at least 5 hours and I didn't have enough time. I wanted to take the Incheon downtown tour. However other attendees want to take the tour to a temple. So, it was the only chance and I said ok.

We passed through the 5th longest bridge in the world according to our tour guide. Even though it's the 5th longest bridge according to them it says 19th in Wikipedia. They should have different standards. Anyway tour takes almost 1.5 hour and coasts USD10$.

Impressions About South Korea
  • Korean people are very respectful and nice. Especially in the hotel when you add Korean hospitality to Hyatt Regency hospitality there were quite funny moments. Whenever I made an eye contact with any hotel stuff staff they were bowing till the ground. So, I was trying to not make any eye contact with anyone
  • The Hotel was very nice and all the stuff staff speak English well. We can't say it the same for the rest of Korea but everyone is nice and helpful even if they don't speak English.
  • It takes almost 20 minutes to drive on Incheon Bridge.
  • Maybe more than 70% of cars are Hyundai and Kia
  • Incheon Airport is very nice. It looks like the bigger version of Istanbul Ataturk Airport.
  • Korean Duty Free shop is cheaper than Istanbul. I bought a Tequila for USD20$ and Marlboro for USD18.$
  • According to our tour guide 1/4 of people are Buddhist, 1/4 are Christian and rest is atheist.
  • Incheon city looks like a huge construction area as its keep growing. Incheon Airport was opened in 2005 and the city is the 2nd biggest city in the country now.
  • If you stop over in Incheon Airport don't attend to the Temple 2 tour. There is basically nothing =)

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  1. Mashka says:

    Even though there is nothing to see in Temple Tour, I guess it was a nice XP))

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