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Watching Rugby World Cup 2011 from Turkey

I was wondering if I was the only person who follow Rugby World Cup 2011 from Turkey. Apparently I am not. Becasue coincidently I found out Sports TV shows the games live in satelite. It totally made my day.

As I was in Bodrum more than a month, I wasn't able to watch any game. Only highlights, if the internet connection allowed. Today I watched one of the historical game between South Africa and Namibia, ended with 87-0, South Africa victory. 
Of course the biggest reason that I follow the World Cup is the All Blacks (New Zealand National Rugby Team). I will watch the first All Blacks World Cup game on Saturday. 

If any of blog follower would like to watch game All Blacks vs. France it's on Saturday, 11.30 (GMT+3) Be there to watch Haka. 

If you are wondering how the Rugby World Cup looks like, Lego helps us with a video 

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