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Muggle Quidditch

Most of my friends know how big Harry Potter fan I am.

I saw this awesome video on one of my friends tweet. It is totally amazing.

It is the Quidditch sport invented for Muggles. As we muggles can't fly, game is played with non-magical brooms, without flying. he rules are pretty similar with the game that J.K. Rowling read in the book. I think snitch is the hardest part to invent but they made it great. If I played Muggle Quidditch, I wanted to be a snitch.

After a little research on the web about Muggle Quidditch, I found a Wiki page about it.

Facts about Muggle Quiditch
  • International Quidditch Association is the is the governing body for the sport of Muggle Quidditch
  • It now comprises over 1000 teams and prospective teams from 13+ nations, but primarily the United States, Canada and UK
  • 4th World Quiditch World Cup was held in New York DeWitt Clinton Park 14th-18th November 2010
  • 46 Teams and 757 Players were participated tournament
  • The first game in a national sport area was played in Staples Center recently.

"When you to to party, you tell people you play Quidditch you get all the girls, right of the bed. Who doesn't wanna be a Quidditch player? It is Quidditch"

The Quidditch World Cup 2010

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